First Steps in Moving Toward Divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, you might want to consider a consultation with an attorney. This can help you get a feel for how you might work with the attorney and how your divorce might proceed. There are a few things you can do in preparation for such a consultation.


Do Your Research

Your attorney is the expert on the legal side of things, but you are the expert on your own situation. By talking to others and doing some research on reputable sites on your own, you will get a better sense of what kind of questions to ask and what elements of your situation might be particularly important to mention.


Gather Financial Information

Prior to your consultation, you should gather as much information as possible about your finances. This includes income, debt, assets and investments. Tax forms, bank statements, information on retirement accounts, and any other paperwork you can gather will all help you and your attorney put together a clearer picture of the current financial situation of you and your spouse and what you might expect after divorce.


Decide on Your Goals

Do you want custody of the children? Are you determined to hang onto the family home? Are there assets you brought into the marriage that you want to protect? Are you concerned that your spouse will try to hide assets or block your access to your children? Once you have spoken with your attorney and your spouse, your priorities might shift, but making a list of those priorities to start with gives you a place to work from. Your attorney can also discuss those priorities with you and may be able to guide your decision-making if they seem unattainable or not in your long-term best interest.


The idea of going through a divorce can be overwhelming, but the best way to approach it is simply by going step-by-step. An attorney may be able to help you in taking those first steps toward the decisions ahead.


Helpful Lemon Law Tips

Do you need to document a potential lemon car? A lemon isn’t just an old clunker car, but also falls under the lemon law of US states. However, it’s important to document your vehicle properly so it’s protected by the lemon law. It’s important to document the vehicle properly in order to protect your legal rights with Lemon Law attorneys. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Ask about Technical Service Bulletins (TSB)

It’s important to have a service writer check if there are any TSBs on your particular car or truck related to the problem w/ the vehicle, or other related issues. If there are, then it’s important to show a TSB on the new work order. You can also check if there are TSBs on the Vehicle Recall Page. This is a critical issue and one that many car owners overlook.

2. Document every issue properly

This is important before you sign a particular repair order. If you’ve had your vehicle fixed multiple times for one problem, it’s important that each visit is described in detail. The service write should write everything down carefully.

This is all important because it can help you to prove that the vehicle has been fixed multiple times for the same issue. It will also show that the dealership had various chances to fix the vehicle. On the other hand, if you don’t have these issues in writing it can cause a lot of problems for you. The reason is that you won’t have documentation about various repairs that were done on your vehicle. In particular, you won’t have documentation showing that the same problem was fixed multiple times.

3. Contact an attorney about your vehicle’s classification as a lemon

This is important because you might get wrong information from other sources. Instead, you should get accurate legal advice. This will help to ensure that your vehicle is or isn’t technically covered by the state’s lemon law. It should also be noted that in many cases a worker at a dealership, for example, might have good intentions. However, keep in mind that the definition of a “lemon” is very specific.

4. Get a new Repair Order for a repeat problem

If you experience the same problem after getting your vehicle fixed, it’s important to bring the vehicle back to the car dealership. However, besides that, it’s critical to make sure you get a brand new Repair Order. Never allow the dealer to add it to an old repair order. The reason is that you need to show that you took the vehicle back to get the vehicle fixed. By getting a new Repair Order and # you can show that you brought back the vehicle. If you don’t take that step then it could be argued that it wasn’t a completely new repair of the vehicle.

5. Verify that the dealerships have documented all work

It’s important to check repair invoices to verify that all work that’s been completed on your vehicle has been listed. Also, compare the work that’s been completed vs. the issues that brought your car/truck in for.

There might be a situation in which your issue that you brought the vehicle in for wasn’t addressed even though it’s why you received a Repair Order. In that case, you should ask the car dealership to document the particular reason on the invoice.

6. Verify that details are included on the Repair Order

They include various facts such as the date/time you left your car/truck at the dealership in order to get repairs. Vehicles can also be classified as a lemon if they spend several days at the repair shop.

It’s important to never leave a car dealership with one copy of the Repair Order. Not only should you get a copy, but it should be complete and accurate. Other than that, you should also sign and place it in a safe place for your own records. These are all important issues to help reduce the number of problems you have related to the Repair Order. There can be enough stressful situations related to car ownership. This is especially true if you own a lemon.

7. Ask for test drives if the issue on the Repair Order wasn’t addressed.

There could be a situation in which the repair wasn’t made because the mechanic failed to duplicate the issue you brought up. In that case, it’s important that an employee at the shop such as a mechanic take your vehicle for a test drive with you. That will help to duplicate the complaint.

If the issue shows up during the test drive then you should have the Invoice/Repair Order who that the problem was duplicated. Also, note who verified it during the test drive you took with the shop employee. In addition, make sure to get the name of the employee and their position before you leave the dealership.

3 Questions to Ask a Departure Attorney Before Hiring One

Departure law is a special field in the practice of law that deals with contracts, liabilities and asset protection of partnering entities who have decided to separate. A variety of things need to be considered and hiring a departure attorney is a good idea but before you hire one here are some suggested questions that you should ask on your first appointment.

How extensive is your experience in working with these cases?

Questioning your service provider’s expertise is a huge red flag and may put the relationship on the wrong foot to begin with. The proposed question instead aims to assess your prospective attorney’s experience in the field of practice that you hired him for. Like doctors, lawyers also have their specialties which are why it is important to assess the extent of their familiarity with departure law. The numbers of years that will matter to you are the years spent in the practice of handling clients with your concern. It is recommended that you go for somebody who has had enough experience working the trade in this part of the ocean.

How did similar cases you’ve handled turn out?

It is not enough to ask the doctor how many operations he or she has performed. The more pressing question is how many of his or her patients’s the operations he or she has performed survived. If we transpose that to the scenario you may be caught in, ask your lawyer the rate of favorable outcomes that came as a direct result of his or her intervention. This will give you an accurate assessment of how good and competent your lawyer is. A lawyer who knows he or she has nailed this area will give this information to you with pride and without hesitation.

How much do you charge and when am I expected to pay?

If budget is a factor that must be considered then it is important to tackle this issue before going to a different partnership. When a partner separates from doing business with you this may already have financial repercussions and you do not want to worsen the situation by hiring a lawyer you could not afford. As someone who is a prospective customer, you have the right to ask for the price before making a purchase. Also, ask the method of how and when your lawyer will bill you for their services. Other lawyers would need payment before they start the work and others see to it that the work is done before they hand you the bill. Depending on whichever method or style works for you, use this parameter to help you with your decision.

A lot of people regret buying products that fall below what they expected. This is most likely because they did not do enough research or in the case of service providers they may not have asked enough questions to allow them to be on the right ground to look at the whole picture. In choosing a departure lawyer begin the relationship openly by asking the right questions.

Family Law Lawyers and It’s Importance


346tgb22Nowadays, there are people who are engaged in early marriages with only a span of months in knowing each other. In between those months to early years of being married some results to divorce because of the possibilities of no longer agreeing with any issues that arise in their married life. This is just an example of a need to have a family attorney. Basically, family law attorneys deal with and most of the time are involve in any legal relationship issues of the family. They serve as a representative and advocator to the married couple. Such cases that they handle are not only divorce but also for domestic partners, children, and even parents.

Family law is generally categorized into different levels and it differs mainly from state to state. Here are some categories that are broken down as to where a family law attorney is needed. Adoption- this is a process wherein a non-biological parents who happened to be infertile for many years and wants to have a child. Child custody- this happens when a married couple filed for a divorce or separation and have children.

This is divided into two cases (1) physical custody permits the parent to have their children live with them (2) Visitation rights- is only granted for a legal parent but have no physical custody of the child. Child support- in this case, a parent who has the right of custody, allows the other party to give support with regards to education, basic essentials, food and shelter and even clothing. Divorce- it is recommendable that you find a lawyer that have years of experience in handling such cases. This takes a longer period of time to settle and it has many proceedings of settlements and agreements. Guardianship- most likely a legal guardian is appointed when in the case of parents who are not able and who are not willfully taking care of their children. Separation- this is a legal alternative for divorce wherein the couples are still married but agrees to live on their own with a division of assets. Paternity- this undergoes a process of DNA testing to match between a father and a child. Lawyers can mainly help in the decision as to who should be a legal father to a child.

With all that are mentioned above, you can not go into a legal process without having a family law attorney to guide you with all the necessary documents that are needed for the agreement and processing.